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Holiday Gift Cards

5 reasons a Tria gift card makes the perfect holiday gift

5 reasons a Tria gift card makes the perfect holiday gift

With the holidays quickly approaching, the pressure to find the perfect presents for everyone on your list is on! If you’re struggling with what to get for the special people in your life, consider grabbing a gift card from Tria.

A gift card from Tria is always in good taste, even for the pickiest people in your life.
Here’s five reasons why we think a Tria gift card makes the perfect holiday gift.

1. Gift cards can save money and time

Tria offers gift cards in any increments, making it easy to purchase thoughtful presents and not break your own bank. A gift card from Tria allows you to decide on an amount that suits your budget, and saves you the trouble of finding a gift for the right price. Gift cards are also great if you’re buying gifts for a lot of people, because you can easily budget a set dollar amount for each person — ensuring there are no family fights about fairness.

Tria gift cards also save time, especially when shopping for multiple people. By purchasing gift cards from Tria, you can guarantee perfect presents for your favorite foodies this holiday season!

2. Gift cards offer flexibility

Gift cards are perfect for the pickiest people on your list, offering flexibility and freedom to use whenever and however they please! With a Tria gift card, your loved one can enjoy the warm hospitality and chef-driven cuisine of Tria — with or without your company!

Giving a Tria gift card to a loved one allows them to choose not only when they use their gift card, but on what. No matter their favorite — delicious dinners, spirited happy hours, weekend brunches — your gift will let them enjoy what they love most at Tria, whenever they choose.

3. Gift cards provide experiences instead of stuff

With a Tria gift card, you can guarantee that your loved one will get to enjoy an exceptional experience, rather than just another item. Tria is known for giving our guests more than just meals, instead providing them with warm hospitality, award-winning cuisine. Our team of passionate chefs, bartenders, and hospitality professionals make sure every meal is memorable, going the extra mile to ensure every experience is exceptional.

If your loved one is frugal or tends not to treat themselves, a Tria gift card is the perfect present. A gift card to Tria guarantees they’ll give themselves an opportunity to indulge and enjoy themselves at Tria.

4. Gift cards allow you to give from afar

If your loved ones are Twin Cities locals but you are not, a gift card from Tria allows you to give them a thoughtful gift from afar. Tria gift cards are available for purchase online and over the phone, making it easy to order from elsewhere. A Tria gift card arrives in your email inbox instantly — making it easy to send to your loved ones no matter where you live.

If you’d like to make a gift card from Tria extra special, give us a call. Our team members will be happy to help make your loved ones’ experience at Tria unforgettable.

5. Gift cards are kind to the environment

If you have eco-conscious friends or family members, a gift card from Tria makes a thoughtful, environmentally friendly gift. We all know that unwanted gifts, as well as cheaply made presents, often end up in the trash by the new year. A Tria gift card is low waste and has little packaging.

To personalize this simple, yet thoughtful gift, include a handwritten note on recycled paper — no wasteful wrapping paper required.

No matter who you’re shopping for, you can be confident that a gift card from Tria will be the perfect present.

To purchase a Tria gift card, visit or call 651-426-9222.

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